The Event

Electromobility Technology Workshop: Driving a Greener Value Chain

As the transport sector is responsible for around 25% of Europe´s greenhouse (GHG) emissions, e-mobility is the key solution to ensure a reduction of total GHG emissions by 2050, by 80 to 95% (Source). As a support for this transition, battery and energy mobility solutions increasing efficiency with lower environmental and economic impact are pivotal technologies to increase Europe´s competitivity on the market and reduce the dependencies on third countries resources.

Within the European Green Deal, the EU is setting an ambitious target of 30 million electric vehicles (EV) by 2030 (Source), which is urging policymakers to adapt legislation and to build charging infrastructure, researchers to improve design and functionalities, while reducing impact and dependencies on critical materials, and companies to bring to the market more autonomous & less polluting models.

Within this challenging context, the “Electromobility Technology Workshop: Driving a Greener Value Chain”, organized by i-HeCoBatt project (Grant Agreement No 824300), aims to offer a framework for innovation and networking to policymakers, researchers and companies relevant in the field of Green Electric Vehicles.

More than 25 speakers will give technical presentation on the political framework and trends in the energy and mobility sector, the present and future solutions & challenges for the green mobility, and finally the latest innovations in the field of EV components covering their whole value chain: from advanced materials, testing & use phase, up to end-of-life solutions.  

The outstanding result of i-HeCoBatt project, developing a new smart, cost bursting industrial battery heat exchanger for EV, will be presented along with other relevant projects dealing with innovative breakthroughs in the same field.